Shailaja Abburi

On paper, I am a graduate from the MS, Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction) program at Arizona State University but what really makes me a good designer?
I have a keen eye for elegant designs. Even as a young girl, I had minimalistic tastes in designs and a dislike for clutter. This trait makes me question the existence of every single element on a page and allows me to create simple and clean interfaces.
I am a quick learner. I was notorious for being a prankster in school and yet I would be the kid getting good grades, often pleasantly surprising my teachers. This ability allows me to keep up with the ever changing, ever growing tech and design industry.
Through my travels and moving to a different country to study, I learnt that I adapt easily. I am open to learning new methods and technologies. Last year, I made the switch from Photoshop to Sketch and its been amazing so far.
I can be shy and introverted at first but once you get to know me, you'll know I have an opinion on most things.



I start with asking the right questions to help me define the why's and how's of the problem. I then explore multiple design solutions. I create wireframes to get quick feedback using an iterative process.


I create high fidelity logos and visual designs while keeping in tune with the brand guidelines.


I create interactive prototypes. I then test these to get user feedback and make further changes to the designs.


I use HTML, CSS and JQuery/Javascript to build the prototypes.

Get in touch

  • 815 N 52nd St, Apt 2246
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • USA, 85008